5 Tips to save money on your direct mail costs

Postage can often be the largest portion of your marketing budget but there are ways to reduce these costs. Below are some of the factors that will affect your postage and how our services can help when sending out Direct Mail:-

Data Optimisation

You can save costs through data cleansing and optimisation. At First Mailing we can perform a data audit to check the accuracy of your data. We will be able to remove deceased, duplicate & goneaways records. This can save you money as it will reduce the amount of returns and postage fees to wrong addresses as well as the costs of print.

Postal Service

First Mailing can advise the most appropriate and cost effective postal service for your campaign.

Mail Sorting – Upon receipt of your data we can process the file through our secure in-house software. We are then able to pre-sort your data to suit the postal operators distribution process.
Mailmark – Mailmark is a postal service which allows postal operators to speed up their sorting process significantly due to barcoded items, saving them time and money and in turn means cheaper postage rates for customers.
Advertising Mail – Depending on the content and design of your mail, it may qualify for advertising mail postage discounts. Mailings must comprise a uniform message to all, with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services.

Size & Format

The dimensions of your direct mail piece will affect whether your mail is considered a letter, large letter or even a parcel. There are different price brackets for these items as they have to be processed differently depending on the format. Be mindful of what size and weight bracket your mailing falls within as prices can increase.

For more information on postage formats click here to download our postage format size guide….

Weight & Thickness

Postal operators set weight brackets which determine what format your mailing is and the cost of your postage. You can take advantage of the weight limits set by postal operators by making your mail reach just below the weight bracket to maximise what you get for your money.

Automate the process

When fulfilling mail manually it can become time consuming which will cost more money. At First Mailing we are able to automate most processes through the use of our polywrapping and envelope inserting lines, saving you time and money while still producing high quality mail pieces.

By implementing these simple tips in your next mailing, you will start to see a difference in the costs of postage.

If you need any further information on how to reduce the costs of your postage get in contact with First Mailing by calling 08456 349522 or email info@firstmailing.co.uk

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