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4  Data  DataData                                                                                                                                                 55

                                                                                                                                                We offer...

 Data       Target your campaign - Understand your data                                                                                              Analysing

            By understanding your current and prospective customers’ behaviours,                                                                    Appending
 Let’s start at the beginning!    attitudes & circumstances, and by segmenting your data means you can target
            them individually, differently and effectively.                                                                                     Segmentation

 Data is a critical part of your campaign. Effective communications   Successful campaigns are a combination of great design, a targeted            Heat Maps
 are enhanced by targeted messages.  message and a simple response mechanism, but it starts with data.                                          Deduplication

 Is your data ready for use, fully up to date and clean?  Our services improve the quality of your data and give you a better                      Mailsorting
            understanding of it. This will enhance the impact of your campaign
 Important data regulations will ensure you bring your data   message and the possibility to analyse its effectiveness.
 up to scratch, are you compliant? Data has value, does
 yours?     At First Mailing, we offer a free data audit to give you a head                        ?      DID YOU
            start. Call us now and see how clean your data actually is!

 Request your free copy of our Data Toolkit         Use your Data to get
 manager now by emailing    Analyse and cleanse     results  your Data                                                            we can also handle
                                                                                                 your mailing returns
                                                                                                   and update your                         RESET  GO  STOP
                                                                                                        database                                           CLEAN


 Gather your Data  Sort your Data                                                                                                        DATAMATIC
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