Paper wrapping & Poly wrapping

Paper wrapping and poly wrapping are both highly cost-effective and eco-friendly methods of packing.

Our modern machinery and efficient production teams can fulfil an assortment of paper and poly wrapping needs. From company or charity newsletters, to product/service catalogues, to regular subscription magazines, we can help.

Paper wrapping

Paper wrapping, a relatively new technology, is fast becoming hugely popular.

It is a cost-effective alternative to envelopes which delivers professional, quality direct mail results. Its popularity is also thanks to its environmental qualities.

Our paper wrapping machines can produce up to 9,000 packs an hour (depending on the finished size). The added benefit of paper wrapping is that, not only is the wrapping recyclable, but the paper used has already been recycled or is from a sustainable source.

Branded mailpacks

Our paper wrapping machines will convert mail reels of plain or pre-printed paper into finished mailpacks wrapped around the product, delivering excellent, on-brand, advertising opportunities.

It is a premium product designed to make an impact and trigger interaction. Considering the advertising and engagement benefits, the supplementary cost of production is minimal.

Benefits of paper wrapping

  • Offers external advertising for the products contained in the pack
  • Can utilise full colour designs and variable print for extra impact
  • Allows for more than one item to enclosed in the pack
  • Benefits from reduced postage letter rates using Mailmark
  • Protects the contents during transit
  • Made from eco-friendly materials that can be easily and fully recycled
  • Premium product for maximum impact

Poly wrapping

The poly wrapping process keeps your pack contents together, just like paper wrapping, through the postal system. It also protects the contents from the elements and offers good visibility of your product and brand.

Great high-speed solution

We have four poly wrapping lines. Each is capable of wrapping speeds in excess of 12,000 per hour, meaning we can handle smaller volumes through to multimillion campaigns. Very few mailing houses in the country offer such flexibility.

Our wrapping lines are suited to handling sizes from A6 to tabloid sized newspapers, in either clear or print registered film. The maximum number of machinable inserts is twelve A5 items or eight A4 items.

Unusual gift items can also be included in the pack. Talk to us about your ideas to see what’s possible. Flip flops are a challenge, but possible!

Benefits of poly wrapping

  • We have four wrapping lines delivering vast capacity
  • Up to 12 items can be included in each pack
  • Various sizes can be handled
  • Benefits from reduced postage letter rates using Mailmark
  • Protects the contents during transit
  • Made from recyclable/compostable poly
  • Direct inkjet addressing and bellybanding options

Let’s talk paper & poly wrapping

Contact us on 01480 450661 to discuss your paper & poly wrapping needs.

  • Recyclable/compostable poly
  • Four Wrapping lines
  • Up to twelve items per pack
  • All sizes
  • Direct inkjet addressing
  • Bellybanding

Key Features of our Paper & Poly wrapping service

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