What is Door to Door Distribution?

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Door to door distribution (Door Drop) gives you the opportunity to target a much wider reach at a lower cost because the mail piece is not addressed and is either put through the letterbox in chosen postcode areas with the local newspaper or the local postman carrying out his normal route.

Think about your demographic and plan your door drop campaign carefully. firstMailing can help you select & distribute to store catchment areas, ACORN classification and even by lifestyle targeting i.e. house owners, car owners, shopping & leisure habits.

There are several choices available to you for the actual distribution.

Door drop your leaflet alongside a local free newspaper, this is the more commonly used method for door drop distribution and offers coverage throughout the UK to around 17.5 million households. This service can be booked with as little as a 2-3 week lead time.

Door drop with a team booked to specifically deliver just your leaflet to your chosen postcode areas. This method can be used when there is no newshare coverage in that area.

Royal Mail
Door drop with the local Royal Mail postmen on their usual delivery routes. This method has access to over 26 million households nationwide. Please note that the usual lead time for this service can be in excess of 8 weeks.

At firstMailing we can organise all of the above for you providing counts & details of coverage for each of your chosen postcode & demographic requirements.

We offer full printing services for your leaflet including the splitting & counting out of all of the materials as well as shipping the correct quantities to the relevant depots for each of your chosen postcode areas. For more information call us on 08456 349 522 or email info@firstmailing.co.uk.

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