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Introducing the First Mailing Family

Over the years, despite our name “firstMailing”, our message sometimes get confused at what products & services firstMailing can offer…

So practicing what we preach, we went back to the drawing board and designed our own marketing campaign to catch our audience’s attention, spelling out how we at firstMailing can help our potential customers.

Designing a letter that had a bit more oomph (text can get a little boring), and overcoming the objections that we sometimes hear, we wanted our target audience to identify with and remember our services. We had a great response from this piece which proves that paper based direct mail still works. It was here that our firstMailing Family was born.

Let us introduce you to…


Dita Base

An expert in her field when it comes to supplying & cleansing data



Percy Lisation

Well Percy knows all the in’s & out of personalising your mail piece whether it’s a letter, brochure, postcard, CD, polywrapped pack or one piece mailers.



Envy Lopez

A sleek chap that operates our 4 – 6 station high speed envelope inserting machines, ideal for your business letter or company brochures.



Polly Wrap

Polly will wrap your catalogues & flyers at high speed on our 5 automated pollywrapping machines she can handle any volume from 1000 items to in excess of 1 million items.



Phil Fulment

Phil is an all-round picker he will pick and pack those gift packs, exhibition carrier bags and will also match personalised member ship cards. He keeps tight control on stock levels and provides full reporting.



May Ling

May Lings customs consist of providing all the Direct Mail services to ensure your marketing campaign is produced within budget and at a superior standard.



Lois Postage

Lois is the woman in the know, she has full knowledge of all the postal operators and there services ensuring we mail your marketing material in the most cost effective way maximising postage discounts.

If you would like to find out more from any members of the firstMailing Family, please give them a call on 08456 349 522.

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