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<< Data

The data aspect of any campaign is vital, we help you ensure it remains fresh, cleansed, updated not only to reduce wastage but to improve postage discounts.
<< Personalisation

Whether it's a postcard, one piece mailer, letter, cd, or a magazine that needs personalising we have the equipment to apply further information as well as the standard items.
<< Envelope Inserting

We can insert anything from a business card to an A4 newsletter and even odd requirements such as pens and mouse mats are easily dealt with.
<< Polywrapping

We run a selection of poly-processors, handling packs from DL up to oversized A3. We can use plain or registered printed polythene, all of which is degradable to lessen the impact on the environment.
<< Fulfilment

We offer a bespoke solution allowing for storage of products, leaflets etc which can be collated and packed for despatch. We can even provide order management, telephone responses, and payments.
<< Postage Discounts

First Mailing offer exclusive discounted rates on UK Postage up to 35% and up to 22% on International Postage. As Postal Operators we provide ongoing reductions for bulk direct mail.
<< Other Services

We can provide the production of media formats to suit your campaigns needs, e.g. DVD or USB. We also reproduce files and print the products in full colour, providing a quality finished product packed to suit.

Postal Operators

postal-operatorsThe Royal Mail had a monopoly on the movement of post throughout the UK for 350 years! That was until 2003 when other companies, called Downstream Access providers, or DSAs, were introduced. This has opened up the market to a number of postal operators to collect and distribute post on your behalf.

All of the postal operators rely on mailing companies, such as First Mailing, to sort the post into geographical areas to speed up the process of delivery and provide reduced postage costs as a result.

Each of the companies have different software and sorting criteria and postal consumables like bag labels and cages for loading the post onto the trucks, all of which can be a minefield – however, we take care of all that for you.

We have all the software and contracts to make your life easier but most of all save you money. Because we do the sorting and processing rather than the DSA, there is a discount offered and as your mailing partner we pass on this reduction to keep your costs to a minimum.

How much could I save?

To find out how much you could save, please see examples on the following pages:

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